How to Participate

Intimidated by the idea of leading and recording an oral history interview? Don’t worry! This page has everything you’ll need to get started.

You don’t need any fancy equipment or formal training. All you need is…

  • An interviewee
    • This can be anyone of any age, as long as they’re willing to share their thoughts with you.
    • You can even interview yourself!
    • Note: If you’re planning to donate a copy of your interview to a museum or archives, make sure to get your interviewee’s full and informed consent before doing so.
  • A way to communicate with your interviewee
    • Whether in person, online, or by phone, anything goes so long as it can be played aloud and recorded.
  • A way to record your interview
    • An audio recorder or video camera is great…
    • But most phones and computers have audio recording apps, and those work well, too!
  • The Recording a Pandemic Guide